This author gets it wrong from the beginning and then degrades from there. He's stuck with the KJV version use of the term "firmament", while the original Hebrew translates as "expansion". The Bible talks about the waters above the expansion, that is, that the universe is surrounded by water. This is actually a former scientific theory since rejected, not because it isn't true but rather, because it is impossible for science to either prove or disprove.

If the universe is surrounded by water, then every description of the earth this author questions then becomes accurate. . . imagine that. The Bible tells us to look upward for the return of Jesus, which again is accurate, because no matter where you are on our spherical earth, heaven is upward.

If the universe is surrounded by water, this explains the overwhelming abundance of hydrogen in the universe. There is also a newer theory today that proposes the universe is surrounded by liquid, what kind of liquid is unknown in this theory. Again, this is impossible to either prove or disprove by modern science evidence.