Snowflakes & Star Systems

Richard Aberdeen
5 min readNov 13, 2023
Snowflakes & Star Systems
Snowflakes & Star Systems — Marc Newberry — Unsplash

It is commonly assumed by perhaps most people here in the Twenty-First Century, that God couldn’t possibly have anything to do with snowflake design, hurricanes or earthquakes, as such are all a result of so-called “natural” processes of what is arbitrarily called the “natural world”. In reality, it is entirely unknown and as far as we know, unknowable, how much or how little our Creator “plays” with his creation.

For all we know, God can design individual snowflakes, individual micro-organisms and super-clusters of galaxies all at the same time. Or, induce a termite to alter its diet, which modern science knows, such an altered diet can re-arrange an entire ecosystem.

Great historical artists like Michelangelo are renowned for painting very large murals and yet, spending a great deal of time on tiny details, intricate shadings and each slightest variation of hue. Likewise, people today design both microchips and entire cities.

Thus, it is entirely rational to assume our father in heaven can design at both the very large and the very small scales of universal reality, just as it is entirely rational that the beauty of design and color has a multiplicity of both reproductive, other functional and aesthetic purposes, as do virtually all of our own human creations. No one on earth knows what our Creator engages in behind the veil of our three-dimensional plus time reality.

According to leading DNA and human disease expert Francis Collins, “modern DNA evidence alone overwhelmingly demonstrates design and not random processes”. It is known by science today that particles swirling around individual atoms are woven in intricate patterns, giving the various elements their distinct properties, rather than just haphazardly swirling around as random processes would suggest.

There are estimated to be over 100 trillion micro-organisms contained on and within the average adult human, which is 100 times the number of stars estimated to be in the great galaxy in Andromeda. In spite of how incredibly tiny such living things are, they are incredibly large compared to a strand of their DNA, which is incredibly large compared to an atom, which again is incredibly large compared to various particles traveling around its nucleus.

If we could somehow shrink down to a tiny replication of ourselves, perched on an atom inside of a tiny scrap of DNA inside one of the 100 trillion micro-organisms inside of us, we would still be much larger compared to our normal size, than our normal size is in comparison to just the known universe. And it is theorized that the known universe is just a mere pixel on this page compared to the actual universal size.

And yet, we have scientists today prancing around pretending to be “almost certain their is no God”. And “God is not necessary for the universe to exist”, as if they somehow would know and, we should all just bow down, kiss their magical Hogwarts wizard ring of blind faith deception and take their word for it.

At the bottom line, to say there is no Creator, is to say that automobiles and everything inside of them, computers and everything inside of them, human brains that design automobiles and computers, everything on our planet that has a brain, everything else on our planet and, everything else in the universe, somehow magically appeared.

There is no evidence universal laws or any other process can magically exist unto themselves. While there is unfortunately, overwhelming evidence that intellectual juvenile delinquents posing as ‘scientists’ habitually violate the established rules of science and evidence.

As noted previously, many atheists claim that “atheism makes no claims” and then go on to arbitrarily claim that atheism is the “default” position and then again, make an additional claim that atheism just “disbelieves” in God or gods. Obviously, since God by common modern language definition is defined as Creator of the universe, atheists are in fact claiming that the universe is not a result of deliberate design and creation.

Atheists then go on to falsely claim, based on these false claims contained within their claim of no claims, that they aren’t required to provide any evidence to back up any of their claims of non-scientific non-verifiable superstition. Based on such false claims, atheists then go on to claim that the onus belongs on those who claim to believe in God, since they, again falsely claim that “atheism makes no claims”.

If this seems more than a little confusing, it is perhaps because atheists seem to be far more than just a little confused and, not very adept at human language deception, as if to claim to “disbelieve” in God is somehow, not in fact a claim. The true “default position” of science and reason, agreed to universally by scientists and other educated people, is that there is a physical reality called “universe”. The true default question then becomes, how and why is there a physical universal reality?

Atheists and agnostics, if they wish to be taken seriously at all by the rest of us, remain just as much subject to this same two-pronged default question as the rest of us do. So, the question for every atheist and agnostic on the planet to satisfactorily answer in order for any of the rest of us to cease singling them out as easy blind fish in a barrel targets of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry ridicule, remains the following:

What scientifically verifiable evidence is there that energy can arise from no energy, heat from no heat, motion from no motion, light from no light, that quad-zillions zillions trillions of parts-within-parts can magically self-arrange, that life can arise from no life, intelligence from no intelligence, that the complex dual language of DNA can magically exist unto itself, that so-called “universal” or any other laws or processes can magically exist unto themselves? Or, that even mathematics can magically exist unto itself, without any Eternal Creator Primary Cause Intelligence behind the grand design universal effect ? ? ? ! ! !

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