Richard Aberdeen
2 min readMay 8, 2022


Pro-Life — Jill Heyley — Unsplash
Pro-Life — Jill Heyley — Unsplash

Did you ever notice that folks who carry pro-life signs never carry anti-war signs, never carry anti-homelessness signs, never carry anti-mass pollution signs, never carry universal healthcare signs? This is because they aren’t really pro-life. A real pro-life person would carry all of these signs.

A real pro-life person would never vote for a Republican, ever. What has the GOP done to help end homelessness, help clean up mass pollution, help put an end to war, help poor people obtain health care or enough quality food after they are born? Absolutely nothing. In fact, the GOP has increased the problem in every category.

Did you know that according to the World Health Organization, pollution is the number one killer on earth? Apparently, the GOP believes giving corporate welfare to the wealthy is more important than worrying about the health of our heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, brain and other things that pollution destroys, such as the animals we consume, the soil we grow our food in, the water we drink and the air we try our best to breathe in.

Apparently, “pro-life” means we pretend to care about you until you emerge from the womb and, after that you’re on your own. But not really, the GOP doesn’t even care if a mother has healthcare, good nutrition or a roof over her head while she is carrying a child. And, if her baby has life-long health issues because she doesn’t earn enough to afford even the bare basics, well, perhaps her baby can just suck it up and learn to live with the consequences.

After all, the GOP opposes the government helping disabled people, because that is somehow socialism. While somehow, it’s not socialism if the government helps big oil companies and the already super wealthy. But according to the GOP, the government helping anyone who really needs it is either socialism, Marxism or worse.

Meanwhile, the GOP is doing their best to rig the vote in every state where they possibly can. After all, they don’t want anyone with half a brain being able to vote, especially if their skin isn’t lily-white. And they’ve already rigged the Supreme Court.

Mother Teresa was strongly against abortion. But I never said a negative word about that. Guess why.

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