New Testament

Richard Aberdeen
3 min readJul 13, 2022


New Testament
New Testament — Ben White — Unsplash

The original content of the New Testament was entirely capitalized in Koine Greek LIKE THIS. Thus, capitalizing letters when referring to Jesus as “he”, “him”, “my” or “his”, was done later by those of orthodox religious persuasion. We do not know the true intentions of the authors regarding capitalization, if they had written in lower case English.

The original texts also didn’t contain either verses or the many often poorly divided chapters we are familiar with today; such artificial divisions can lead to significant bias, misinterpretation and confusion. Each of the various letters found in the New Testament should be understood as a single complete letter without division.

The message of Jesus in the New Testament is highly secular rather than religious in nature and focus. Jesus deliberately associating with the sinners and average people and often those of low repute within his society such as tax collectors.

Jesus consistently makes caustic ‘sport’ of the conservative orthodox religious leaders of his society, while his often humorous and “street-level” authentic populist message was received “gladly” by the sinners and common people. Much of the sarcasm and caustic humor of Jesus readily understood by the average people of his society is lost in cultural translation, modern sermons and religious orthodoxy.

Compare “Saturday Night Live” and late show television audiences today. Such audiences, which generally despise and laugh at jokes making fun of conservative Christianity, would have greatly loved and bonded with the true historical Jesus.

If born instead here in the 21st Century, Jesus would undoubtedly be in great demand for every late night and other media slot available. It is wise to keep in mind when reading the story of Jesus, that unlike modern priests and preachers, “the common people heard Him gladly” (Mark 12:37).

Throughout the New Testament (and Old Testament), we find prophesy of a promised future for those who accept forgiveness from Jesus, which when taken together foretell a new universe and a new earth. And unlike the planet we live on today, the new earth won’t have any oceans, indicating perhaps a freshwater planet only.

Apparently, this will be what science today calls a “rogue” planet, which is a planet without any star, although unlike any such planet known today; this one will always have enough warmth and light and, it may be many times larger than our current earth.

According to the book of Revelation, God himself will light this planet, no sun will ever again burn us and, he will wipe away every tear from our eyes. On this planet, there will be no night and all of God’s creation will live in perfect harmony, rather than in competition as currently here on earth.

So, if you want to know how wrong evolution by natural selection can be, now you know. According to Jesus, there will be no marriage on this planet; he does no say there will be no sex, as the conservative religious invent, such narrow minds unable to comprehend otherwise.

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