Gold & Reproductive Advantage

Richard Aberdeen
5 min readNov 17, 2022
Gold & Reproductive Advantage
Gold & Reproductive Advantage — Matt Flores — Unsplash

What is ignored by many scientists and educators is the way we human beings often act when even the remotest possibility for gold and other forms of wealth are dangled in front of us. Many people today who can ill afford it and who otherwise need their meager incomes for their own children’s survival and well-being, often spend vast amounts of time, money and effort playing lotteries with mega-millions to one odds. Meanwhile, legal gambling, once reserved mainly for cities located in Nevada, has become a booming industry across the American landscape and, internet gambling is a significant growing global human addiction.

Any claim evolution by natural selection is correct must fairly address what all of this has to do with reproductive advantage and survival. It is not enough to say wealth is necessary for survival or that enhanced wealth enhances reproductive opportunity, as many people of extreme wealth and limitless opportunity continue to engage in such practices, often dominating much time and energy that could otherwise be used in an arguably far more reproductively advantageous manner.

On a practical everyday level, why would an educated human being continue to eat at fast food restaurants in the modern 21st Century, undoubtedly aggravating when not directly causing much human disease? Even though there is scientific medical knowledge today clearly demonstrating that eating certain foods can cause us and our offspring significant harm, we often drag our children right along with us.

Why would we buy our offspring cake and ice cream for their birthday and other “special treats” that physicians warn can cause obesity, diabetes, heart and other disease and ongoing addiction to harmful foods, knowing full well that the more our children eat junk, the more likely they are to eat far more junk the older they become? How is this a reproductive “advantage” and if not, why do modern highly educated as well as other not so well-educated people continue to engage in such practices?

Most practicing scientists today question the idea of “descent” in evolution as commonly perceived, but they almost invariably believe in reproductive survival advantage advancement and, that human beings are advancing intellectually and morally, while based on the historical record, there is no evidence for and overwhelming evidence against such a conclusion. How does the record of war and human oppression recorded from the rise of British imperialism forward, represent a moral advancement over ancient Babylon, the Roman Empire or Middle Ages Europe?

Many if not most historians believe WW1 and WW2 alone if anything, represents moral regression rather than advancement. One is left perplexed by a so-called “Age of Enlightenment” resulting in the global slave trade, the American, French, Russian, Chinese, Cuban and many other modern revolutions, two global wars and many other horrific wars and now here in the modern 21st Century, humanity is staring at a supreme species extinction penalty for global mass pollution.

Not to mention, rising global corporate dominance, accompanying mass human enslavement and civilization teetering on the brink of nuclear annihilation. How does this represent intellectual and moral “advancement” and, why do so many educated scientists, bankers, lawyers, pontiffs, preachers and politicians continue to engage in far worse deception and human oppression than the common thieves of past human history ever dreamed of?

Perhaps the most significant problem with Darwin’s theory, as has been pointed out by a few brave historians, is that actions predicating “reproductive advantage” are grossly contradicted by human beings in the known historical record. To claim that the sole fundamental drive of human beings is reproductive advantage, is essentially irrational in the light of the known history of Cortes, the American West and the Klondike Gold Rush; just a few of millions of examples of the severe reproductive downside caused by overt human greed, splashed in human blood and carnage all over the historical record.

Human beings throughout the historical record in droves forsake any and all hope of reproduction at the mere hint of a wisp of a few gold dust or other dollars more. Often risking life and limb in the harshest of conditions, engaging in much violence, war and brutality and again, risking life and limb, enduring all manner of hunger, disease, pain and suffering, people have been known to even drag spouses and children along with them and often dying in the process, in a more often than not fruitless vain pursuit of a few gold dollars more.

People of vast wealth, power and ease and availability of virtually unlimited reproductive opportunity, have been known to leave it all far in the dust and engage in most egregious brutality and severe risk of personal, family and extended group safety, traveling long distances in harsh, unforgiving sub-zero freezing mountainous terrain and unimaginable brutal weather, to where there is little to no hope of finding any suitable mate, at the slightest hint of gold.

This has been repeatedly engaged in throughout the historical record often in the face of preposterous claims of wealth to be found just over the horizon, that any sound mind would have long ago rejected as gross exaggeration if not complete fabrication. How does the known history of the Klondike Gold Rush demonstrate reproductive survival or any other kind of advantage to a race called “human being”?

Modern researchers agree that rape is a form of violence and control, rather than being a sexual act independent of other evil and, it is historically common that human slavery, rape and pillage are assumed “spoils of war” to be exploited by the victors. It is also well established, that slaves, wives, concubines, sons and daughters are historically viewed as “property” and a measure of wealth.

According to both Jeremiah 17:9 and modern human behavioral science evidence, the way we perceive ourselves to be in our own conscious awareness is deceitful as to our true underlying intentions. According to both I Timothy 6:10 and ALL of the known historical and human behavioral scientific evidence, the love of wealth is at the root of all of the evil that we do. And according to Proverbs 23:7, as we think and intend within our own beings, so are we.

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